Caring For Kids. For Life.

At AdventHealth for Children, formerly Florida Hospital for Children, we offer easier access to health care than any previous generation could have imagined, featuring pediatric experts all across Central Florida. Whether you’re looking for one of the largest and most comprehensive epilepsy programs in the nation or region-leading programs in pediatric cancer, cardiology or orthopedics, you’ll find them here.


Our Level III neonatal intensive care unit offers the highest level of neonatal care to help sick, premature and low-birth-weight infants grow up big and strong. It’s an important part of our neonatal care network, a world-class team of physicians, surgeons, nurses and support staff in extraordinary facilities throughout Central Florida. Our NICU combines state-of-the art technology, a soothing baby-friendly environment and an expert team of neonatologists, neonatal nurse practitioners, neonatal nurses, respiratory therapists, pharmacists and other specialists use the most advanced technologies to make miracles happen every day. Tools like ECMO (extracorporeal membrane oxygenation) help take over for a newborn’s lungs when they’re not strong enough to spread oxygen through the bloodstream. Like every other vital tool we use in our NICU, it allows the smallest babies the biggest chances to grow strong.


Our leading team of medical experts is dedicated to curing childhood cancer. In affiliation with Duke HEALTH, we are home to Central Florida’s only pediatric bone marrow transplant unit. And we are the first hospital in the region to have neuro-oncology and neurofibromatosis programs. We also provide the latest in research, advanced treatments and clinical trials. And offer our specialized Care Network of pediatric cancer services at convenient locations.


Our cardiac team offers the most advanced tools and treatments available, specifically designed for a child’s unique physiology. We treat the full spectrum of heart conditions, including arrhythmias, cardiomyopathy, congenital heart defects and vascular disease. Our precise diagnostic testing and state-of-the-art facilities ensure your child receives the best possible care.


We provide a skilled, dedicated team of medical professionals to care for children with a range of neurological injuries and disorders. Our elite specialists and clinical staff have extensive experience treating epilepsy, headaches, concussions, craniofacial disorders and neurofibromatosis. We operate Central Florida’s only Level 4 epilepsy center for children and adults that includes advanced neuro-diagnostic testing and a 10-bed monitoring unit. And we offer a non-invasive and completely safe brain-mapping procedure called magnetoencephalography, which provides the most accurate picture possible of your child’s brain activity.